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Why am I not getting a confirmation email?
Why am I not getting a confirmation email?

A short checklist of things to check when your confirmation email doesn't arrive when you expect.

Updated over a week ago

When you log into your Algbra account, we'll send you a confirmation email to verify your device.

If you don't see it appear within a couple of minutes...

It could be because you need to select a different option at the Main Screen:

Get started

If it's your first time using the Algbra app, you'll need to hit 'Get started' and your confirmation email should be delivered successfully.

I have an account

If you've opened the app before, be sure to select 'I have an account' to log in and continue with your registration.

If that doesn't work...

Tap on the the 'Having trouble?' button:

1) Check the email address is correct

  • Are there any typos?

  • Is there a capital letter where it shouldn't be (or vice versa)?

If so, just tap on 'Change Your Email Address' and try again

2) Check your spam / junk

3) Check your network connection

4) If you're still having trouble...

Just tap on the chat icon (top right of your screen) and please let us know

Or you can email

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